Abyss is a wrestler signed to WWE/TNA
220px-Abyss with Janice

Debut and alliance with Hulk HoganEdit

Abyss would debut in WWE/TNA as a Face, in an Alliance with Hulk Hogan in January 2011, this would not last as Hogan would take a hiatus, shortly after he would show signs of a heel turn attacking many people, and when he lost, he would just sit in the ring and wait for the ref to reverse the decision. He would make his PPV Debut in a dark Match at SlammiMania def Chavo Guerrero.

Heel Turn, Legion Of Deamons and feud with Sheamus.Edit

He would make a heel turn, joining the group of Kane known as the Legion of Deamons, and would start a feud with Generation Me member, Sheamus. This feud would not last as both groubs would be seperated in the WWE Draft in which Abyss ended up in TNA. They would have their final match in a ladder match in which Abyss failed.

TNA, Feud with Rob Van Dam and ImmortalEdit

After his feud with Sheamus ended, he would compete primarily on TNA and would start a feud with Rob Van Dam, which Abyss lost. After his feud with Van Dam ended he would rejoin Hulk Hogan and Immortal. He would later start a mini feud withBrian Kendrick

Face TurnEdit

After a losing streak, Immortal would turn on Abyss and beat him down in a 5 on 1 beatdown, turning Abyss face for the first time in a year. After Survivor Series 2012 Abyss would be fired after TeamTNA lost.