Michael David is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competing under Batista
Batist alive
and The Leviathin

Debut, RawEdit

Batista was signed to HCW as a Heel in March 2011 and is set to debut at GloryMania to challenge The Undertaker. He would be inducted into Triple H's group The Evoultion.He would also compete under The Leviathin as a tweener before his set debut under a black mask and skin-tight wrestling attire(similar to MVP's attire)During the WWE Draft Batista was drafted to Raw as a Face During his Raw redebut he would defeat a Local athleate. He would later have a reconized Undefeated Streak which would go on for 6 weeks but would end after he fought and lost to Chris Jericho. Batista has since made sprodic apperances. Batista was released from his contract on August 21,2011

Smackdown and Departure as The LeviathinEdit

During the WWE Draft, The Leviathin was drafted to Smackdown as a Face and would start a feud with Mark Henry. After months, in late July The Leviathin would challenge Mark Henry to a loser leaves WWE Match after Mark Henry tempararily sidelined The Big Show and Kane, Leviathin would nearly win until Mark Henry hit Leviathin with a low blow followed by a body splash and the pin.

Return to WWE(2012-Present)Edit

After a promo on the October 20,2011 edtion of TNA, a video showing a tatooed man dominating Abyss was shown, possibly meaning he would return as a face.

Batista returned to WWE on an editon of Raw SuperShow attacking Cody Rhodes. Batista would announce he would be competing for ECW Revival as a Face. On his debut, he would attack then-champion The Miz. Batista lost his first match back in WWE in a Number One Contendership battle royal for the ECW CHampionship being 5th eliminated by Dolph Ziggler. On a special apperance for Smackdown, Batista fought World Champion Daniel Bryan in a singles match only for it to end with Batista losing by DQ after an attack from Zack Blaze. Batista turned heel for the first time since returning attacking Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. Batista would then be drafted to Smackdown in the 2012 Draft, on his return to the show, he would attack Jeff Hardy and Skullbuster. In March 2012, Batista would challenge Jack Swagger for the US title but would fail. In July 2012, Batista was made a Dual Branded Superstar with Raw.

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In June 2012, Batista returned to WWE again, to challenge John Cena to a match at SummerSlam. At SummerSlam, Batista defeated John Cena after a minor run in from Wade Barrett. Batista would then start a feud with Triple H. after he claimed he was the "King of Kings".