Jeff Longe is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competing as King Booker T(or Booker T)
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Debut and suspensionEdit

Booker would debut in HCW in late 2009 as a heel as King Booker after winning an unofficial King of of Ring Tournoment and would have many feuds with varous rookies proclaiming himself of the King of the Independent Circut. After many wins he would later win the HCW State Heavyweight Championship twice and nearly win the HCW World Heavyweight Championship once before being suspended on Drug Charges.

Return and Tweener TurnEdit

Booker would returned to join Brock Lesnar's new group along with Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan.

Raw and Face TurnEdit

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During the WWE Draft, Booker would be drafted to Raw as a face. Booker would then be "demoted" to annoucner, mainly annoucning on Smackdown. At WWE TLC 2011, Booker T won a 20 man battle royal to win the Intercontinental ChampionshipBooker would lose the title back to Rhodes 2 weeks later. After losing the IC title, Booker would move to commentater on Smackdown.

In June 2012, Booker started to compete again at various house shows and dark matches, first in a feud with Drew McIntyre and then a feud with Cody Rhodes.