Debut, TNA and ECW ChampionEdit

220px-Brian Kendrick!
Kendrick would debut in WWE as a face as a TNA Superstar briefly before making a move to ECW and defeating Chavo Guerrero for the vacant ECW Championship. In the WWE Draft, Kendrick was drafted to TNA and he brought the ECW Championship with him. a month later he would lose the ECW Championship to his former bodyguard Ezekial Jackson. He would start a mini feud with Abyss in which he lost. He would show signs of a heel turn re-hireing Ezekeial Jackson as his bodyguard and attacking Super Crazy.

Heel Turn(2012-Present)Edit

In 2012, Brian turned heel attacking ROH World Champion, Tyler Black, to which they started a feud with over the ROH World Championship. After failing to win the ROH World Championship, Brian moved to ECW Revival.