Carlos Edwin is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competing under Carlito

Debut and injuryEdit

Carlito would debut in June 2010 as a Heel feuding with Jim Logan and Zack Ryder until he would suffer a leg injury.

Return, Raw and Feud with PrimoEdit

Carlito would return as an ECW superstar on the second edition of ECW as a heel. After the WWE Draft, which Carlito was drafted to Raw, he would start managing his brother Primo in his feud with Tyson Kidd, their feud ended in a match at The Final Battle PPV in which Tyson was victorious after Carlito turned on Primo. The next night on Raw Primo attacked Carlito making a match at the Last Stand PPV.

Smackdown, Departure, Return and WWE Tag Team ChampionEdit

Carlito would move to Smackdown! and would debut attacking Randy Orton but would suffer an RKO. Carlito would make his final WWE Apperance in a losing effort to Randy Orton in december 2011.

In January 2012 Carlito returned to team with Primo to win the WWE Tag team Championship. At the Rumble, Carlito would be replaced by Epico for his tag team title match due to traffic issues and would lose the tag titles to The Corre. The following day it was announced Carlito was fired by Triple H

ECW Revival and SmackdownEdit

In March 2012, Carlito returned again to WWE as an ECW Superstar. He has yet to return on screen. WWE then announced Carlito would be signed to Smackdown