David Shtay is a wrestler signed to HCW and is competing under the ring name David Otunga
200px-Gabriel and Otunga

Debut, Joining The Nexus and Heel Turn.Edit

David would debut in HCW as a Tweener Rookie on HCW Inferno mainly losing to Cody Rhodes. He would get his first win teaming with Justin Gabriel to beat a pair of local athleates.In late march David would be moved to HCW Lightining and would join the New Nex-Us as its second in command, thus turning him heel.Wade Barrett would later gain control over the Nexus and David and the rest of Nexus would become his allies. David would win his second Tag Team Championship at Night of Mayhem PPV with CM Punk defeating Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan

Lawler gimmickEdit

David would return to singles competition after defeating Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan. After several months, he would be made Legal advisor of John Laurinitus, then GM of Monday Night Raw. Over following months he would represent Laurinitus in several matches against Santino Marella and CM Punk. In early 2012 he would have a minor feud against Ezekiel Jackson and Teddy Long with John Laurinatis as his manager, which he won. Shortly after his feud, Laurinatis would be fired by WWE Board of Directors, new Raw SuperShow GM Teddy Long would go onto fire David as Legal Advisor and place him in a match against The Great Khali which he lost.