Ed Gonzolez is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competing under the ring name Eddy Guerrero
220px-Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown cropped

Debut,Latino Heat and DepartureEdit

Eddy would debut as a Heel in October 2009 and would always use cheap tactics to win his fights and would go on a long winning streak until he won this HCW State Heavyweight Championship he would suffer his first loss to Rey Mysterio for the title and would continue to feud with Rey until his departure due to drug charges.


Eddy would return to HCW in January 2011 again as a Heel partnering with Victor Creed Logan until March when he would team with his(kayfabe) cousin Chavo Guerrero to which he would turn Face.He would turn heel once again attacking Chavo in the parking lot and smashing Chavo's head through a windshield.

Smackdown, Raw,Departure return and Heel runEdit

In the WWE Draft Eddy would be drafted to Smackdown and Eddy would disrespect Chris Jericho provoking a feud between the two, but Teddy Long would make a loser leaves town steel cage match which Eddy lost thanks to interfiernce from Victor Creed Logan who tried to help Eddy by pulling him down, but Eddy was caught in the cage and Y2J had escaped through the door. That monday on Raw, Eddy had announced he is Raws newest superstar and Eddy would start a mini feud with Rey Mysterio but at the end of it Eddy had beaten Rey. He would then challenge Chris Masters to a Loser Leaves WWE Match in which Eddy Lost.Eddie would return as a heel attacking Rey Mysterio, he will be teaming up with additude called Daimon Rush, It was annoucned the newly-formed team would join Team Vegeta against Team Goku.

Latino Heat(2011-Present)Edit

After several losses to Skullbuster, Eddy would turn face after being attacked by Additude. Eddy would then begin a feud with Additude attacking him several times. After several months of no return for Additude, Eddy Guerrero was released from his full-time contract and instead competed as a Hall Of Famer/Legend.