Elijah Burke is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competing under D'Angelo Dinero or Pope D'Angelo Dinero
220px-Elijah Burke

Debut,HCW State Heavyweight Champion and Heel TurnEdit

Dinero would debut as a Face in March 2010 donating money to charities across America and protecting rookies from attacks from the powerhouses and would even go onto win an(kayfabe)Award for most awesome person of the year. and would go onto win the HCW State Heavyweight Championship and hold onto it for 2 months before losing it to its creator Rocky Maivia. After a Short Hiatus he would return in December 2010 as a Heel supporter to Eric Beschoff and go onto try and stop The Nex-Us from capturing every title but would fail as Eric would surrender. Pope would then stay a heel attacking many of the people he protected in his Debut a year before before being attacked by a person he tried to stop Samon Joe and started a feud with Joe which would last unitl Hell's Chamber when Pope lost.

Name changes and feud with Jeff HardyEdit

After a 9 month hiatus from WWE(which was Elijah scouting talent for WWE in the indies and CHIKIRA), he returned as The Pope with a face gimmick, teaming with Tyson Kidd briefly before turning his ring name back to his real name Elijah Burke. Elijah would then move to Smackdown and started a feud with Jeff Hardy.