Eric Kaser is a part-time wreslter and General Manager currently signed to no promotion
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Debut and DepartureEdit

Eric debuted as an assistant to Stephanie Richardson and would make little appearnces until May 2006 as he would be named GM of JECW Lightinging and would become a Heel as he would not only side with Heel Wreslters but would also do many things for himself like if he had to fight, he would either have his opponent attacked or make it a handicap match. But this would be short-lived as the company would close a month later and he would be released from his contract

Return, Feud with the Nex-Us and DepartureEdit

Eric would return to JECW(now known as HCW) as a Heel GM making terrible matches for Faces and would have multiple Feuds until December 2010 when he started a feud with The Nex-Us where he would fire the group unless they win every title, this feud would be incredibly short as he would surrender after The Nex-Us would win every title in about a month. Eric would then have part-time appearnces until March 9,2011 when he was realeased from his HCW Contract. He would be replaced by Randy Orton


Eric would return in late March saying that he was resigned to HCW as an Executive and that without him, HCW would fail within a month, before he had a match with the debuting Matt Morgan before Eric would lose in 10 seconds. He would later re-join Immortal.

Executive ProducerEdit

Eric would be made on-screen Exectuive Producer of WWE on Febuary 1,2012.