Ryan Stevens is a wrestler signed to HCW and is currently competing as Ezekiel Jackson

Jackson as IC Champion


Jackson would debut as a Heel bodyguard protecting Victor Creed Logan. He would have his first match on March 12,2011 defeating a local athleate in 6 seconds, the quickest match in HCW history. He would later join Victor's new alliance with Rocky Maivia as its Enforcer or "Insurance Policy". This alliance would later join CM Punk's New Nex-Us

Face TurnEdit

Various storylinesEdit

Jackson would defeat Brian Kendrick, Kane and Christian in a Fatal Four Way Match for the ECW Championship on the redebut of ECW on Syfy. Jackson would later turn face after being attacked by Kane and would be drafted to Smackdown in the WWE Draft. After months, Jackson would win the Intercontinental Championship and start a feud with Legacy's Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase over the title before August 12,2011 edtion of Smackdown when he lost the title to Rhodes. After months of dominating the Smackdown roster, Zeke finally got his rematch for Vengence 2011 in a Fatal Four Way Match. In which Jackson was hit by a running knee from Morrison only to be pinned by Rhodes. Jackson would then be downgraded slightly in programing before winning an NXT Title Match, defeating Jinder Mahal and The Great Khali in a Triple Threat Match. Jackson would then go onto defeat Kane.

Heel TurnEdit

Following his match with Kane, Zeke would go onto be managed by then-GM Teddy Long against David Otunga who was being managed by then-Raw GM John Laurintus, in a two match mini-feud with Zeke lost. After Teddy was made GM of Raw(and Bret Hart SD) Zeke was about to sign an exclusive contract with Raw SuperShow before Bret Hart made him member of his team for WrestleMania. During the WWE Draft, Zeke was made an offical multi branded superstar. After the Draft, his profile was put on Smackdown!.Ezekiel would turn heel for the first time in over a year, when he moved to ECW Revivial and attacked Wade Barrett, and put him in a Torture Rack.