Davy Runs is a wreslter signed to HCW competing under Goldust

Debut and inactivityEdit

Goldust would debut in late 2010 as a Face fighting mainly Sheamus always losing, he would gain his first win beating Zack Ryder. After months of feuds with Ted DiBiase Goldust would be injured and hasnt been seen since.

ECW(2012 )Edit

Goldust would return to announce he would be competing on ECW Revival as a face. On his first appearce he would be attaced by ECN. After ECW Revival closed down, Goldust left the company to compete on the independent circut.

Return, The Brotherhood (2014)Edit

Goldust returned to the company to team with his brother Stardust. At Hell in a Cell 2014, Goldust won the WWE Tag Team Championships from the Wyatts.