Billy Kerts is a wrestler signed to no promotion and competed under Harcore Holly
200px-Bob-Holly-Entrance-crop,-RLA-Melb-10 11 2007

Debut and Harcore ChampionEdit

Holly would make his debut for HCW in December 2007 as a Face, having Various Feuds until March 2009 when he won the HCW Harcore Championship winning it 38 times due to the 24/7 rules and would hold it for the second longest. After his regins as Hardcore Champion Holly would then pursuit the HCW Tag Team Championships with various partners.

Feud with Cody Rhodes and DepartureEdit

Holly would then feud with Cody Rhodes with each person always winning one match after another against each other until Holly would be released from the company.


Heel Turn, Draft to Smackdown and Departure.Edit

In Febuary executives started talking with Billy about joining HCW, it is unknown if he accepted.Hardore would return to HCW as a heel attacking Evan Bourne after Evan declined to make him his tag team partner for GloryMania. After SlammiMania he would be drafted to Smackdown and would defeat The Big Show for the Hardcore Championship. Afterwords he would defeat Kurt Angle and Kane in a Triple Threat match for his title. After this he would start a feud with Sheamus. After months of feuding with Sheamus Hardcore Holly would be released from the company, his final match was ironicly defeating Cody Rhodes

Second ReturnEdit


Holly resigned to WWE indirectly, siging to it's TNA Territory, and in storyline, became Executive Assistant to TNA General Manager Sting. He made his first wrestling role since his departure, defeating a local athleate. Holly would then move to ECW Revival, breifly as a face losing to Tommy Dreamer and Mick Foley.