Debut,Joining The Nex-Us and heel turn

401px-Jack Swagger 2010 Tribute to the Troops
Jack would debut in November,2010 as a Face Main-eventer competeing for the big championships but would get the most attention to date joining the Nex-Us Faction but his stint with this group would be short lived as Eric Beschoff would surrender shortly after. Jack would next Turn Heel attacking Kofi Kingston. Jack has since been feuding with Evan Bourne. He would end their feud defeating Evan in Steel Cage Match, He would then team with Sting to challenge Evan and Justin for the tag titles but would fail due to a miss communication, with Jack hitting the Gut-Wrench Power bomb to Sting.Jack would later turn Face once more being attacked by Sting and beating him by dq on March 16 2011.On the March 30,2011 edition of HCW Jack was confronted by CM Punk and the New Nex-Us asking him to join, when Jack turned them down, they attacked him in the parking lot and throwing him threw a windshield.

Heel Turn and alliance with Rey Mysterio, Edit

Jack would again turn heel forming an alliance with Rey Mysterio. He would later join Kane and The Legion of Deamons.After the WWE Draft, Swagger would be on Raw and he would start a feud with Booker T. Jack Swagger would turn face after an attack from Dolph Ziggler. But would immediatly turn heel after forming an alliance with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. At Vengence 2011, Swagger would lose the match for the tag team titles.

In January 2012, Swagger would win the United States Championship from Zack Ryder. After two defences, once against Justin Gabriel which he won by pinfall and a loss to Batista by DQ, Swagger lost the title to Santino Marella.

Smackdown and Face TurnEdit

After losing the US title, Swagger attempted to regain it in a triple threat match also invloving Dolph Ziggler, which during the match, Ziggler turned on Swagger, turning him face. The following ROH show, Swagger fought against Ziggler in a winning effort. The following Smackdown!, Swagger signed a contract with Teddy Long. On his re-debut, he teamed with Brodus Clay to beat Dolph Ziggler and Tommy Dreamer. After the WWE Draft, Swagger was named number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship of former rival Christian. In July 2012, Swagger was made a Dual Branded Superstar with Raw where he went on a 15 match losing streak against various superstars. By Royal Rumble 2013, Swagger had been on a 60 match losing streak. Swagger won his first match in 2013, defeating Dolph Ziggler after a distraction from AJ Styles.