Debut, Joining the Nexus and heel turnEdit

Justin would debut in HCW as a Tweener on HCW Lightining mainly losing to Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase before he would team with David Otunga to beat a pair of local athleats.Justin would be moved to HCW Lighining in March 2011 as a heel as he would join CM Punks new group, the New Nex-Us as its high flyer.

Face RunEdit

Various Tag TeamsEdit

Justin would turn face after being attacked by Heath Slater. Later Gabriel would challenge The Worlds Most Dominant for the tag titles, with a mystery partner which would be chosen in a battle royal, which was won by Zack Ryder. He would fail in capturing the tag team titles but would quickly bounce back from his loss defeating Tyson Kidd on several diffrent occasions and defeating Sin Cara Negro in an Ultimate X Match. Justin would then team with Jeff Hardy who get their title match at Vengence 2011. Justin and Jeff would go onto lose their encounter for the tag team titles.

Singles Competition(2011-2012)Edit

After several more failures for the tag team titles, the team would seperate and Justin would announce on his twitter, he would compete for the Intercontinental Championship of Cody Rhodes. It was annoucned he would get his shot at Survivor Series, oddly, Rhodes already has a match, therefore, Gabriel has an even better chance of winning. At the PPV, Gabriel would lose to Rhodes.

After his loss to Rhodes, Justin would "Climb the ranks" defeating Jinder Mahal, Heath Staler, Percy Watson and David Otunga on several occasions. Gabriel would then start a feud with "Dashing"Cody Rhodes over the Intercontinetnal Championship. After a few weeks Gabriel's profile was moved to ECW, signifiying he moved to ECW Revival as a face. In his first appearnce he would attempt to defend Hulk Hogan from an attack from the ECN but would be knocked out by Micheal Tarver. Gabriel would move back to Smackdown soon afterword. On his re-debut night, Daniel Bryan issued an open challenge to anyone in the back who could beat him, he would give a title shot the following week. Gabriel accepted narrowly defeating his former Nexus adversery only failing after Bryan hit Gabriel with The Dragon to a chair.

Teaming with Tyson KiddEdit

After his failed match against Bryan, Gabriel would start a feud with Tyson Kidd, defeating Kidd twice and losing to him twice before meeting in a ladder match, in which Gabriel won. Afterwords, they started a tag team, defeating The Prime Time Players twice. In June, Justin and Kidd won the WWE Tag Team Championships from Cage and Del Rio.


It was announced on that Gabriel would return to action on WCW Revival.