Thomas Morgan is a wrestler signed to HCW who compets under "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan(or just Matt Morgan)


Morgan was signed to HCW in late December 2010 as a Face and videos would start hyping his debut in early March 2011 to debut on March 19,2011 Morgan would debut beating the returning Eric Beschoff and would make a Heel turn joining Mr. Anderson Brock Lesnar and Booker T in their alliance.This alliance would later be absorbed into The New Nex-Us of CM Punk

Face TurnEdit

Pursuit for the WWE/TNA Pure Championship and Raw Edit

After SlammiMania, Morgan would quietly leave the New Nexus.He would turn Face after he had a short feud with Hernendaz, this would end when Morgan pinned Hernendaz. He would then announce his pursuit for the WWE TNA Pure Championship. Morgan would be the second person to challenge Kurt Angle in The New Angle Invitational and would fail.After months of inactivity, announced Morgan's move to Raw with his move to Raw, Morgan competed in the battle royal to decide Justin Gabriel's partner for Destination Death PPV but failed as Morgan was in the final 4 but was eliminated by Ezekiel Jackson. on Impact Morgan made a farewell to the show defeating Eric Young. The next night on Smackdown Morgan made a one night apperance with the TNA World Tag Team Title Belts claiming to be world champion.

ECW MegastarEdit

Matt Morgan would lose a "Loser Leaves Raw SuperShow" match against his former tag team partner Crimson, to which Morgan would move to ECW Revival, on his debut, he would wear a power suit, sunglasses and proclaim himself to be the Megastar of ECW Revival. Morgan would turn heel for the first time in a year, attacking Mick Foley. He would then start an alliance with Brock Lesnar.

Return to WWE (2012-Present)Edit

Matt Morgan would return to WWE at Survivor Series, directly after Zack Blaze defeated Austin Aries, attacking Blaze, hitting Blaze with a Carbon Footprint and a Hellivator.