The Nexus(also known as the New Nexus) was a heel group currently lead by The Miz

The Nexus



The Miz

Champion Creed
David Otunga
Justin Gabriel
Heath Slater

Former Members

Matt Morgan
Wade Barrett(second leader)
CM Punk(Original Leader)

The NexusEdit

Formation and Leadership shiftsEdit

The Nexus would be formed in Feubary 2011 under CM Punk and Wade Barrett and would mainly sneak attack enemies until May 2011 when CM Punk would start making less and less apperances under The Nexus Flagship. After Wade would announce he took full command over the Nexus and in July 2011, CM Punk would completly leave the Nexus as he was fired by Jim Logan. Later Wade would be drafted to Smackdown and show no signs of leading the group and the would sight The Miz as their new leader. Miz would offically take command having a 6 on 1 beat down on Alex Riley. This would bring about The Awesome Nexus era of the group.

Championship pursuits, an "Equal rights Group" and dissolutionEdit

In late Summer, The Miz would pursuit the US Championship of Alex Riley but would fail on several occassions until the group had enough and turned on Miz. Later Creed would annouce the group was a All For One and One For all group. and would later silently recced from the group after his Face Turn. In Early August, The group would informally disband.

The Extreme Championship Nexus(ECN)Edit

The ECN(Extreme Championship Nexus) is a heel group working within the WWE competing on the WWE ECW Revival show.


The group would form on the first episode of ECW Revival as heels attacking Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin.




Michael Powers

Husky Harris
David Otunga
Curt Hawkins
Micheal Tarver

Darren Young

Tyler Reks



Former Members

Matt Morgan