Paul Jlaps is a wreslter and manager signed to HCW and is competing under Paul Hayman
Paul heyman 2

Debut and DepartureEdit

Paul would debut in JECW in January 2006 as a heel manager helping his "championship clients" win titles for 6 months until the company closed in June 2006

Return and DepartureEdit

Paul has since returned to HCW in January 2011 as an executive of HCW and is currently managing Brock Lesnar and The Big Show. After 8 months of inactivity, Paul would return to on-screen work managing Dolph Ziggler and would be attacked by Air Boom(Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne) in which Paul was sent to the hospital, the following day, Paul was released from his contract.

Return and nWo (2012)Edit

Paul again returned to WWE as a manger, managing random superstars and feuding with Paul Bearer, and Ric Flair. In April 2012, he started again managing Brock Lesnar after he lost to John Cena at Dawn Of Destiny. In September 2012, Heyman joined forces with CM Punk when he took over the nWo. After the nWo dissolved, Heyman and Lesnar vanished from TV before returning in January as enforcers for CM Punk.

Feud with CM Punk and GM of RAW (2013-Present)Edit

At WrestleMania, Heyman accidently cost CM Punk his match against The Undertaker when he hit Punk with an urn, which in retaliation Punk hit him with a GTS. Following this, Heyman had Lesnar attack Punk and start a feud with him. On the July 8,2013 edition of RAW, Ric Flair was fired from his position as GM of RAW and was subsequently replaced by Heyman himself. On his first night on the job, he established himself as the "Messiah of Monday night.", reverting back to his ECW gimmick from 2006. and declared his intention to be the best GM in RAW history by Firstly, "re-signing" Rob Van Dam, and setting up a Champion vs Champion match with Jacob Cass facing The Miz.

Heyman continued to create "Heyman Originals" matches that were popular during the original ECW with different names. During this time Heyman would have minor feuds with The Miz and The Shield in which usually ended with Heyman being put through a table. 

Managing CM Punk and Feud with Triple HEdit

In April 2014 Heyman's role as RAW GM was greatly lessened with Triple H taking more power on the show, making matches without his input and even "giving Heyman a vacation" to prevent fallout with Heyman. On the July 21, 2014 edition of RAW, this came to a head when Heyman announced he had resigned from his position to manage CM Punk in his feud against Triple H's protoge, WWE Champion Seth Rollins.