Samuel Carlas is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competing under the ring name Primo
145px-Primo WWE


Primo was signed to HCW in March 2011 and is set to debut with Carlito as the Colon Bros as Heels. During the WWE Draft, he and Carlito were drafted to Raw and Carlito would start a feud with Tyson Kidd mainly at live shows and WWE Superstarts, they would have thier first Live Match At The Final Battle PPV were he was managed by Carlito and Primo lost after Carlito turned on Primo, turning him face, afterwords he would start a feud with Carlito

Feud with Carlito and heel turnEdit

After being betrayed Primo started a feud with Carlito they will have their first match at The Last Stand PPV as a dark match. After his feud with Carlito ended, Primo would turn heel attacking his former tag team partner, Zack Ryder. In January 2012 Primo teamed with Carlito won the WWE Tag Team titles. At the Rumble, he would team with Epcio as a replacement for Carlito who had traffic issues for the event and would lose the titles to The Corre.