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Rey as the NEw WWE Champion

Debut, Heel Turn & RawEdit

Rey would be signed to HCW in late 2005 having various feuds with Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam and The Undertaker until he won the HCW State Heavyweight Championship. He would lose the title sometime later to its creator Rocky Maivia and has since taken a Hiatus.He would return on March 16,2011 as a Heel. Rey would take a heel turn attacking The Great Khali with a chair and would later attack Mark Henry Rey would be drafted to Raw as a face and would start a feud with Victor Creed Logan. Rey would compete in a WWE Championship tournoment and would make it to the finals defeating Jeff Hardy but would fail in the semi-finals to Edge.

Injury, Return, Feud with Creed and Pursuit of the Undisputed WWE Championship and injuryEdit

Rey would be attacked by new Undisputed WWE Champion Victor Creed Logan and would be injured after a Cross Arm Breaker through the ropes. it was announced on Rey was injured. Rey would reutrn 2 weeks later, announcing his contention for the Undisputed WWE Championship. He blasted Creed's manager Richardo with a 619 and replaced Kofi Kingston in his title match at the next PPV. Rey would win the WWE Championship but would lost it directly afterword to Jim Logan. After competing mainly on Dark Matches and WWE Superstars for 6 weeks, Rey would make a 14 Match win streak, afterword, Rey would return to live TV, starting a feud wtih Bully Ray. They will meet at Survivor Series.After his feud with Bully Ray ended, Rey moved to team with Skullbuster to take on Daimon Rush. His partnership with Skull was cut short due to an arm injury sustained from Alberto Del Rio.

Return to Smackdown!Edit

Rey would make a return to WWE on the Raw SuperShow brand, teaming with CM Punk and Sheamus to defeat Chris Jericho. Daniel Bryan, and Zack Blaze with Rey pinning Blaze. Months later at Bragging Rights, Rey would challange and fail to Zack Ryder for the WWE Championship.

On July 12, 2012, WWE announced Rey Mysterio had been traded to Smackdown for Goldberg.