Joe Reeds is a wrestler signed to HCW and is competing under Samoa Joe or Samon Joe.

Debut,Domination and Face TurnEdit

Joe would debut as a Monster Heel in October 2010 beating everyone in his path(mainly Zack Ryder) demolishing everyone in less than 2 mintues. Joe would go on to win the HCW State Heavyweight Championship and hold onto it for a month before being stripped of it after attacking all of his number 1 contenders.After his loss he would take a hiatus before he returned in Febuary 2010 as a Face attacking D'Angelo Dinero.

Smackdown and heel turnEdit

During the WWE Draft, Joe would be drafted to Smackdown. In the following months Samoa Joe would show signs of a heel turn attacking various superstars with the Muscle Buster, In August he completed his heel turn forming an alliance with Kurt Angle. He would be traded to ECW. In September 2012, during a promo following his losing the world title to The Rock, Joe attacked Kurt Angle and locked him in a Sleeper Hold, Joe would then go onto say that he would become the next champion. In the TNAInVasion, Joe signed with the TNAlliance, against Team WWE at Survivor Series, and was the first eliminated by Wade Barrett.