Anthony Colons is a wreslter signed to HCW and is competeing under the ring name Santino Marella.
200px-Santino Marella 2010 Tribute to the Troops

Debut and HCW Tag Team Championship pursuit.Edit

Santino would debut as a Face,Jobber losing to the big guys like The Big Show, Mixe Knox and Sting until he got his first win teaming with Jim Logan to beat Victor Creed Logan and Ezekiel Jackson after Jim hit the Breakdown Santino hit The Cobra to Victor to get the pin. A week later he would join Vladimir Kozlov to pursuit the HCW Tag Team Championship.

RAW, United States Champion and various storylines Edit

He would be drafted to Raw in the WWE Draft. He would later start a feud with The Nexus over conterdeership over the Tag Team Championships. After Vladimir started a feud with The Undertaker Santino would drop to a more Manager role to Vladimir, and he would have his first match since he took the manager role, being devistated by Kurt Angle in the New Angle Invitational.Months later, he and Zack Ryder defeated Air Boom and Daimon Rush in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match to become WWE Tag Team Champions. Marella and ryder would lose the titles in a mutli team battle royal with Ryder being third eliminated.Marella would then replace Ryder as Assistant GM of Smackdown after defeating Drew McIntyre.It was announced that when United States Champion Jack Swagger was on Smackdown, Santino would get a United States Championship Match at Elimination Chamber. Santino would win the US title from Swagger.
2193 Santino Marella
It was then announced that he would face former tag team partner Zack Ryder at WrestleMania for the title. Santino would be contacted by Logan for an Intercontinential Championship Match against Cody Rhodes while Santino was GM for the night, in which Sanitno granted him the shot, to which Creed failed. Although Sanitno gave him high praise for his efforts. After WrestleMania, Santino was given a special job in keeping tabs on Co-Smackdown GM Bret Hart.

In a dark match after the June 25 episode of RAW, Sanitno lost the United States Championship to Matt Hardy.

WCW RevivalEdit

It was announced on that Santino would be moving to the new WCW Revival brand along with multiple other superstars.