James Benjamin is a wrestler signed to HCW and is competing under Shelton Benjamin
220px-Shelton Benjamin


Shelton would debut as a heel in late 2010 beating many rookies before he would face Matt Hardy where he would start a feud with which would go fairly unoticed because of this they had their feud ening match as an I Quit Match which is the only real match they had that got much attention.

Feud with Generation Next and DepartureEdit

Shelton would turn face in March 2010 helping Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella win a tag team match. He would later turn heel joining The Legion Of Deamons. After months of inactivity Shelton would be released from his contract


Shelton would return to WWE working on its ECW REvival show as a heel. After resigning with WWE, he would mainly contest on house shows and dark matches before competining against Tyler Black for the ROH World Championship to which Shelton failed.