Thedore Marvin is a Wrestler signed to HCW and is competing under Ted DiBiase
318px-Dibiase Millon Dollar champ


Ted would make his debut as a Heel with the HCW Million Dollar Championship defending it mainly against local competitors and Yoshi Tatsu.

The Legion of Deamons. Smackdown & Raw,Face Turn and Feud with Jinder Mahal Edit

Ted would join The Legion of Deamons as its "Funder". In the WWE Draft, Ted would be drafted to Smackdown, and the rest of the group would be seperated in the Draft. On Smackdown Ted would reform Legacy with Cody Rhodes and Ted would make more primary appearnces on Smackdown but during this he would have several matches on Raw with Rey Mysterio in which he lost them. After being betrayed by Cody Rhodes Ted would turn Face. After several unsuccesful attempts at Rhode's championship, Ted briefly disappered from TV, before attacking Rhodes again shortly after Rhodes defeated John Morrison. At Vengence, Ted would fail in capturing the IC Championship.

Shortly afterword, DiBiase would be put into a feud with Jinder Mahal.


Ted annoucned he would be competing regularly on ECW Revival as a fan-favorite. Ted would make several apperances on ECW, competing for the European title, defeating Curt Hawkins and losing to Vader. Ted would then be offered a spot on the Raw SuperShow brand by Teddy Long, which Ted declined, Teddy would then offer a "tryout match" against The Miz which Ted won, Ted would say he would think about it. After WrestleMania, Teddy Long signed Ted to Raw SuperShow.On the Nitro Rememerance Night, Ted returned from a hiatus and joined the nWo. After two months of only appearing in 6 on one beatdowns on various superstars, Ted DiBiase lost his spot in the nWo after he lost a 6 man tag team match.

NWO WCW Theme (Rockhouse) Arena Edit Effect HD

NWO WCW Theme (Rockhouse) Arena Edit Effect HD