# Match Stipulations Time[6]
Dark Tyson Kidd def Primo(w/Carlito) Singles match
1 The Undertaker def HBK ( 10 - 9) 60 minute Iron Man Match if Shawn wins, they will face each other again at SlammiMania 60:00
2 The Big Show def Matt Morgan Battle of the Giants Bodyslam Challenge 5:34
3 Sheamus def Hardcore Holly(c) Ladder Match for the WWE Hardcore Championship 24:48
4 Alex Riley(c) def The Miz Street fight for the United States Championship 35:12

Kurt Angle def Edge

Singles Match, if Kurt is to lose by pinfall or submission he loses $100,000 20:05
6 AJ Styles def MVP Streak vs Streak match if AJ wins, he gets a WWE Pure Championship Match at The Last Stand PPV 12:01
7 Micke James(c) vs Layla No contest Divas Championship Match. 5:07
8 Randy Orton(c) def Christian Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship 15:06
9 Daniel Bryan & Sin Cara(w/ Evan Bourne def CM Punk(c) & David Otunga via DQ Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship 3:01
10 Jim Logan def R-Truth Singles Match for the WWE Pure Championship 18:09
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match