The Top 5 Contenders List is a List that the Fans of HCW chose to face the regining World Champion.

Week of March 6, 2011Edit

  1. Jim Logan(He would cash in and fail to AJ Styles)
  2. Victor Creed Logan(Is challenged at the PPV War of The Worlds)(Victor would lose his spot to Kurt)
  3. Rocky Maivia(would lose his spot on March 12,2011)
  4. Triple H(would lose his spot to Kurt Anlge on March 12,2011)
  5. AJ Styles(AJ Would later lose this to Kurt Angle later that night)(AJ would later win the World title on March 12,2011)

Week of March 27,2011Edit

  1. Jim Logan(Earned it in a battle Royal)
  2. Kurt Angle(would get a shot and would fail to AJ)
  3. Y2J
  4. Rocky Maivia
  5. CM Punk

Week of April 3,2011Edit

Kurt Angle~cashed in title match at GloryMania(he would become World Champion at this event)

Jim Logan~will fight Victor Creed Logan for rthe next top contenders spot(Would become Number 1 Contender)

Victor Creed Logan


Triple H

Week of April 24,2011Edit

Jim Logan~ Cashed in title Match at Dawn of Destiny

AJ Styles ~ Earned a title shot, beating The Rock but would fail to Kurt Angle thanks to The Rock


Randy Orton

Sting/The Undertaker] ~ Will battle for the 5 spot.


This was cancelled by May 2011