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Debut and Feud with Zack Ryder, Heel Turn and Various feuds Edit

Tommy would debut in WWE/TNA as a Face, getting revenge on Zack Ryder for ending his career in WWE back in 2009. He would then defeat Zack 10 - 4 times in Singles and tag team matches until WWE TLC in 2010 when Tommy beat Zack in a Chairs Match. Tommy would later turn heel beating up many superstars like Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio until he had a feud with Sting which would not last long as Sting would be suspended. He would then have a feud with Jack Swagger which Tommy won. He would finnally have a feud with Kane which would end with tommy being sent to the hospital.

Return, Face Turn,Generation Next and Feud with Kane Edit

Tommy would return on the Return Edition of ECW as a heel,attacking Zack Ryder and Evan Bourne. The next edition of Raw he would turn Face re-igniting his feud with Kane and joining Generation Next under the leadership of Zack Blaze and The Miz, he would later lose a 5 man gauntlet to decide the leader as he was the first eliminated by The Miz.

Raw and DepartureEdit

Shortly after being Drafted to Raw, Tommy Dreamer would challenge AJ Styles to a Streak vs Career ECW Extreme Rules Match. Tommy would hold his own even got 7 near-falls but near the end of the match, Tommy accidently knocked out the ref, and when he hit the DDT to a car door and went for the pin, the ref could not count. A minute later, AJ hit a Styles Crash to the same Car door and got the win. The next week, Dreamer said farwell to the audience.


Tommy would make a one night apperance in the crowd distracting Abyss from attacking Rob Van Dam.Tommy later annoucned he would be competing on the ECW Revival show.At Elimination Chamber, Tommy won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Dolph Ziggler. Dreamer would turn heel attacking the new number one contender for the ECW Championship, and ECW Commissioner Mick Foley with a Kendo stick. Dreamer would go onto announce Kurt Angle as his rep for the Battle for ECW GM Match.

Part time apperances (2012-2014)Edit

Dreamer would eventually sign a contract with monday night Raw. In June 2013, at ECW Appreciation Night in Philidalphia, Tommy fought WWE Champion Jacob Cass in an ECW Extreme Street Fight in a winning effort.

WCW Revival (2014-Present)Edit

It was announced that Dreamer had signed a contract with the new WCW Revival brand.