Gabreil Allen is a wrestler signed to HCW and is competing under the ring name Tyler Reks
Reks in 2010

Debut and DepartureEdit

Tyler would be signed to HCW in late Febuary 2011 as a heel. He would debut on March 30,2011 attacking Chris Masters, he would attack Masters again backstage sparking a feud between the two. Tyler would be released from the company in June 2010 after a 90- day no compete clause.

Return to Wrestling/ECW(2012)Edit

Tyler would make a return not wrestling, but celebrating with Khali after his match with Evan and help take him out with a new move he calls Reks You Up (Powerbomb into knee facebuster). Reks would join ECN alongside his former partner Curt Hawkins. He would then be fired

Raw and reunion witth Curt HawkinsEdit announced Hawkins and Reks had been resigned to WWE under the Raw Brand as a tag team.