One of Vince's Trainers

Vince is a wrestler currently signed with WWE on RAW.

Debut and alliance with The Saiyan EliteEdit

Vince debuted as a heel at SummerMania. On 8/1/11. Vince would make his on-screen debut distracting Sheamus during a match against Mark Henry. Vince would be included in the US Title Match after attacking Alex Riley and taking his spot. At SummerMania, Vince would capture the US title effectivly moving him to Raw. On the next night, Vince would be signed two managers, Vickie Guerrero and Cactus Jack. After cheating to get the win against Alex Riley, Vince would be challenged by Creed for the US championship.At Destination Death, Vince defeated Chris Masters which caused Masters release from the company. The following day, Vince was attacked by an unknown person. It is unknown how injured Vince is. The following Smackdown!, Vince would lose the US title to Dolph Ziggler. After recovering from his injury, Vince would return to WWE as a villan, siding with Vegeta and Nappa against Goku. With his siding with TSE, Vince would wear wristbands saying his rank (Low,Middle, Elite) with his rank being elite, Vince would team with Vegeta in a 2 on 1 beatdown on Nappa after Vegeta turned on him. After losing to Team Goku at Survivor Series(with Nappa as a member of Team Goku), and Vegeta's suspension afterword, Vince would not contine showing TSE wrstbands or entrace music. After this, Vince would attack Santino Marella and motion torward his Tag Team Championship Belt, showing he wants the tag team championship.

ECW and DepartureEdit

After weeks of rumors, Vince announced on his Twitter profile he would hunt for the WWE Tag Team Championship, revealing his partner to be Brock Lesnar after he and Brock attacked Ryder and Marella from behind after a match against The Miz and Hardcore Hollly.

The team would quietly dissolve Vince would join ECW Revival as a face attacking the ECN.

In June 2012, it would be announced, Vince was released from his WWE Contract.

In WrestlingEdit


Style: High-Flyer

Entrance: Runs to ring then enters like Edge does

Clothing: Blue Jeans, Beanie (entrance only), Black shoes

Finisher: Striking Spear (calls it Superman Spear), StarShip pain (calls it Diving Corkscrew)

Normal Moves: Diving Crossbody, Hurricanrana, Dropkick, Diving body splash (the one mysterio does), Codebreaker, Running Dropkick, Superplex, DDT from top turnbuckle.