Vladimir is a wreslter signed to WWE competing on its WCW Revival brand.
Vladimir Kozlov

Debut and DominationEdit

Vladimir would debut as a monster Heel in January 2011 squasing multiple local athleates in 10 seconds until Febuary 2011 when he invitied people from the crowd destroying them until March 2011 when he started teaming with fellow rookie Santino Marellaand joined as a Tag Team turning him face.

Raw and Feuds with The Nexus & The Undertakerand DepartureEdit

After being drafted to Raw in the WWE Draft. He would start a feud with The Nexus and he would challenge The Undertaker for a match for his streaks at SummerMania and SlammiMania.After his feud with Undertaker ened, Vladimir would start a feud with Mark Henry in which Vladimir was injured, the next day it was announced, Vladimir was released

Return and ECW(2012-Present)Edit

Vladimir returned to WWE as a face in ECW Revival helping Stone Cold defeat Curt Hawkins. Vlad would then go onto an 8 match winning streak squashing jobbers before forming a tag team of sorts with Ezekiel Jackson.

Vladmir would get injured by Big Daddy V , but would return, attacking him and his two friends Dolph Ziggler and Cody RhodesVladimir would start using a new finishing move, called Koz I Kan which is a firemans carry position, into a scoop slam from his shoulders. Vladimir would turn heel attacking jobbers. He would then start his debut gimmick looking for a "proper challange". He would then move back to RAW SUPERSHOW, as a face in his red attire, defending Sin Cara from Kane.