Danny Neliks is a Wrestler signed to HCW and compets under the Ring name Yoshi Tatsu
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Debut, Smackdown and ECW(2008)Edit

Yoshi would debut as a Face in late 2010 and would go onto feud with Ted DiBiase for the HCW Million Dollar Championship until Yoshi would (in his words) give up chasing it. Afterwords he would start a team with Mark Henry. In the WWE Draft, Tatsu would be drafted to Smackdown, and Yoshi would make his debut match losing to Jinder Mahal

After several months of only competing on WWE NXT, Yoshi would be moved to ECW Revival working as a face. He would be fired

Smackdown (2014 - Present)Edit

On July 3rd, it was announced Yoshi Tatsu resigned with WWE under the Smackdown brand. Tatsu lost his re-debut match to Fandango.